Why is ENG the right choice?

Why choose ENG?

The added- value we bring to our customers goes beyond the production of products.

Our customers benefit from peace of mind knowing production is in good hands, and their product will be produced at the highest quality with optimal manufacturing solutions.

Our work is based on long-term perspective, so our customers do not need to look for different vendors for each new product / project.

We are the address and source to which customers turn with each new product/project.

We save our customers valuable time and enable them to concentrate on their core activities.

Below are more reasons to choose ENG as your manufacturer:

A Taiwanese company whose factories are located in China

The advantages of Taiwanese management and inexpensive production in China

High-quality management

Management with vision, reliability and financial stability

Extensive production experience

Founded in 1981, ENG has many years of experience in production

Excellent engineering department

The company’s mechanical, plastic and electronic engineers, who are among the best in their fields, review the products from a production perspective

Development support

The company’s engineers provide support and technical assistance throughout all the stages, beginning with the stage of transition from development to production and concluding with the mass production stage.


The highest level of quality control in accordance with international standards

Firm timetable

The company meets supply dates and is flexible to accommodate customer’s requirements


Professional experience in working with leading international companies, for many years, and a track record of working with Israeli firms

Dedicated team

A dedicated team is assigned to each project, including a project manager in Israel and in China

Financial strength and integrity

Financial strength, Taiwanese managerial integrity, and a culture of operational excellence

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