Valuable benefits for our customers

Quality production in China – The benefits are all yours.

We regard our customers as long-term strategic partners At ENG, we do everything possible in terms of production, engineering support and service. In our joint work, we provide our customers with valuable benefits beyond quality production, such as:

  1. “Single address for production”: We serve as a single address and source to which customers turn with each new OEM product, obviating the need to locate new producers and plants for each brand new product/project. This fact saves customers valuable time and enables them to concentrate on their core activities while avoiding risks involved with new work with unknown plants.
  2. Ability to develop and evolve: we provide the highest level of engineering support to our customers, thereby enabling the identification and execution of optimal production solutions during the stage of product development and throughout the entire production.
  3. Peace of mind: our customers benefit from peace of mind knowing each project is placed in good hands, and will be executed at the maximum level of professionalism and loyalty.
  4. Professional, meticulous production line, including:
    • A dedicated team is assigned to each project
    • Custom-tailored production and assembly lines to each product
    • Meticulous quality control throughout the entire process
    • Professional logistics systems
  5. Availability and easy communication in English

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