Optimal OEM production

The production process

The main stages of the process are as follows:

1. RFQ – Request for Quotation

In order to receive an initial price quote, the customer must forward us a product dossier, including: final drawings, bill of material (BOM) and preferably the functionality of the product and simulation / prototype image. The company’s engineers review the data and send clarification questions to the customer.

2. Price quote

Upon receipt of answers to our questions, we send the customer our price quote, which is comprised of the following:

  • Cost of product according to quantities
  • Cost of moulds, tooling and jigs
  • Timetables for moulds, samples, date of commencement of production and supply rate of mass production, in accordance with the time of supply of the required components, in particular, with regard to LLI (Long Lead Items).

3. Issue of a pilot purchase order (PO)

If the customer approves the data included in the quote, he or she issues a pilot order for a limited quantity.

4. Production of samples

An important stage that takes place before pilot production is the production of samples and shipment thereof to customer’s review. If needed, another round of samples is carried out before receipt of final approval from customer. Samples are generally produced manually and are not produced in mass production.

5. Preparation for Pilot PO production

Following the approval of samples by the customer, the preparation stage for mass production begins, including:

Preparation of moulds, jigs, testing machines and other special production aids required for mass production.

In addition:

  • Establishing a production line and determining control points
  • Preparing clear production instructions, including precise images and explanations in Chinese regarding every point in the production line
  • Training production workers – each worker specializes in a certain activity within the production process
  • Training QC workers to examine products in critical points
  • Ordering parts for the pilot production

6. Pilot production

Production of the quantity of products ordered by the customer in the pilot purchase order. The customer may choose to be present at the time of production. Following production, we send the goods to the customer.

7. Mass production

Following approval of products produced in the pilot production, the customer issues a serial production order (mass production order). We confirm the order, including a specified timetable and execute production accordingly. At the end of the process, meticulous packaging is executed and shipment to destinations is undertaken in accordance with the customer’s order.

What distinguishes our production?

  • Precision in work processes
  • Accountability in the event of defects
  • Adherence to timetables
  • Flexibility to changes in accordance with customer’s needs
  • Engineering support throughout the entire process
  • Each product has a specified production plan, including requested production timetables in accordance with supply time of parts

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