High Level of Quality Control

QC – Quality control

Management Support to Quality Control

The company’s management places great emphasis on production executed at the highest level combined with meticulous quality control.

As part of this approach, the engineering and quality control team receives full support from the management to establish/make the best QC procedure for each product, consisting of costly/capital-intensive equipment and stringent process design; all, in order to ensure best-quality products.

Quality Control – A Trade of Its Own

The company’s QC employees are trained routinely both at their initial work stage and later, during the course of their work. During training, employees learn how to execute work and become well acquainted with the management’s approach to quality control, and, consequently, to the utmost importance attached to their jobs/positions.

QC employees are easily distinguished from their fellow employees thanks to their unique uniform, facilitating the distinction of the number of QC employees accompanying each production line. Furthermore, each production line employee is required to carry out his task as if he were a QC employee.

Identifying main stages for performing QC

A senior, highly-experienced team reviews the product/the produced parts and the adjusted technology to determine at which critical points QC is required.

QC is performed at several points along the production line, which can be divided to four principal stages:

  1. Incoming Inspection –parts originating from sub-producers are subjected to QC prior to introduction thereof into the production line.
  2. Online inspection – QC performed at certain points located along the production line.
  3. Final QC – a final QC point located at the end of the production line. This control reviews the functionality and esthetics of finished goods.
  4. OBI – Open Box Inspection – an addition QC process that is carried out after the products have been packaged. This stage includes the random selection and QC of packaged products. If a default is detected in a number of products exceeding the permissible quantity according to QC definitions, the packages are opened and the entire batch is sent to the production line for repeat review.

Designing and building facilities for the review equipment

Once the focal points for QC have been determined, the team of engineers determines the manner in which the control will be executed. Testing by designated testing equipment is required at some points.

These testing devices are designed and built by the engineering team.

De facto, the final control is preceded by several reviews of the product executed at a number of points throughout the process. This ensures an extremely low failure percentage.

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