Please find some common Q&A regarding our production activity.

  •  How much does it cost to manufacture in China?

    The manufacturing cost varies according to product and depends on several factors such as: the complexity of the product, the number of raw materials, the manufacturing technologies, and quantity of units per order. After we have reviewed each product, we will be able to issue a price quote.

  •  What is the minimum quantity for manufacture in China?

    The minimum quantity varies according to product. It depends on the type of product, the material, the number of colors, etc. Mostly – thousands

  •  How long does it take to manufacture in China?

    The process can begin after the product dossier had been received. The process is comprised of two main stages: the transition from development to production, in which product viability is examined and the process of manufacturing samples begins, if needed. The process usually lasts several months . The second stage is the ongoing manufacturing in which mass production is executed according to the purchase order. Each product has different manufacturing timetables, which range from one, to two, to three months, or more, depending on the type of product and the production quantities ordered.

  •  Does ENG also ship the merchandise?

    Yes. We provide a one-stop-shop service from manufacture to shipping to various destinations around the world, accordance with the customer’s directives.

  •  Does ENG clears merchandise from customs?

    Yes. We work with customs brokerage firms, and if the customer is interested in this service, we perform this activity for him/her.

  •  Do you conduct quality assurance?

    We conduct several quality assurance reviews throughout the process. We executed at the highest level combined with meticulous quality control.

  •  How long have you been manufacturing?

    ENG was founded in 1981. Since then, we have been manufacturing .We executes turnkey projects from completion of development to mass production for Israeli and international OEMs at the highest standards.

  •  Why is it worthwhile to manufacture through ENG?

    Our rich experience has created many advantages and added value to customers who manufacture through us.

  •  Which quantity is required for the first order?

    Each product has the minimum quantity which is set for it, in accordance with the manufacturing technique, the required technology, the material and other factors. In most cases, thousands of units are required.

  •  Which quantity makes it worthwhile to manufacture in China?

    It is worthwhile to manufacture in China if the minimum quantity at hand is thousands of units, and if there is an intention to manufacture additional production series.

    The reason for this is that the stage of transition from development to manufacture is a long stage, which requires many adjustments and involves various costs, and manufacture mostly requires molds, which involve costs that are relatively high.

  •  At what stage would it be right to approach you?

    It is beneficial to contact us when you have a consolidated idea for a product and a product dossier which includes 2D and 3D drawings and technical specification that are as detailed as possible in order to obtain a reliable price quote.

    An important prerequisite to begin manufacturing with us in China is the existence of marketing infrastructure and a storage facility.

  •  Which particulars must I provide to obtain a price quote/what is included in the product dossier?

    You must send a product dossier that includes: two-and three- dimensional drawings, a technical specification, including: measurements, materials, colors, preferred production techniques, packaging methods, quantities, special instructions, graphic design for packaging, brochures, etc.

    If you have a prototype, it is important we see it.

  •  What type of products do you produce?

    The products we produce mostly includes electronic, plastic, and metal components alongside other materials, in a wide range of technologies.

  •  Which products you do not produce?

    We do not produce food products, pharmaceuticals, clothing and glass.

  •  How is the production process executed?

    For information about the production process, please click here

  •  Do you copy existing products?

    Absolutely not. We only produce original products of designers.

  •  How can the confidentiality of the product be maintained prior to its launch?

    We undertake to keep confidential and not to forward the files to anyone else besides the production people and the relevant factors.

  •  How much time does it take to receive a price quote?

    Before you receive our price quote, we must first receive the product dossier in full, and you must clarify any questions we may have regarding the product. From this point, it usually takes up to two-three weeks to receive a price quote.

  •  How can I track the process?

    We inform the customer regarding developments throughout each stage of the process and if necessary consult with the customer regarding issues that arise during the process.

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