Engineering support from design to mass production

Engineering Support

The engineering team

Our strength lies in our engineering team, among other factors.

The company has a team of about 80 skilled engineers in the areas of electronics, mechanics, plastics, and electricity.

In addition to engineers, the engineering team is comprised of expert technicians in various areas. Our technicians are involved in the production lines, providing real-time technical solutions.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the majority of our engineering team has more than seven years of seniority, during which each member gained valuable experience in his field.

Among other things, our engineering department is characterized by the ability of its team to identify optimal engineering solutions that improve the original design of the product. These abilities stem from their extensive experience, open-mindedness, intellectual creativity and the company’s approach that each product must be a winning product!

An additional advantage – our laboratory in Taiwan is certified to execute UL testing to products.

Competitive advantages to our customers:

Our top-quality engineering department provides substantial competitive advantages to our customers:  

Ongoing engineering support provided by the best engineers throughout the project:

The engineering support to our customers begins as early as the product development phase and continues during the crucial phase of transition from development to production, and viability testing for mass production, proceeds to the production phase and concludes with packaging methods.

Cost reduction – the engineers examine how to decrease production costs by reviewing adequate technologies and additional potential changes, which may decrease the cost of the product without compromising its functionality, quality or appearance. The engineers then proceed to offer these solutions to our customers.

Consultation during the entire project –direct work and full cooperation with our customers’ engineers.

Complex products - our engineers have a track record of successfully dealing with simple and elaborate products alike.

ECO – A signed ECO form by the customer is required prior to executing any product modification. (link to ECO)

Building the production line for mass production with full engineering support

The engineering department is involved in the mass production process. This activity includes:

  • Design of production lines in accordance with each product and required technology
  • Detection of critical points in the product which require special review
  • Execution of different tests during production

Developing and building measure devices and special jigs

The team of engineers designs and builds designated jigs to a specific production line in accordance with the required test. Each jig is designed to test a particular stage and is located at the suitable place in the production line. 

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